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Having trouble with your dryer?

Get the problem fixed before it's too late. Sometimes the smallest signs of trouble are an early indication of major parts starting to fail. By fixing the cause at the surface, those internal parts won't undergo additional stress and premature wear and tear. Jumping on these issues right away will increase the longevity of your dryer and possibly save you from replacing it sooner than necessary.

Let us help, we're a Clearwater local dryer repair company you can trust.

With decades of combined professional experience amongst our dedicated staff, we've grown to be 'household names' in the community. Both residents and businesses in the area regularly turn to us first whenever they face struggles with their dryer or any other major appliance that you own.

Some common issues we fix for clients with faulty dryers include: loud and weird noises during operation, weak or no heat production, sudden shut-off and excessive rocking back and forth while in use. No problem is too big for our repairmen to handle. We've seen it all over the years; rest assured, our crew members are all insured and we are fully liable for your appliance getting fixed the right way.

We have access to dryer parts from Clearwater FL central supply shops. The range of offerings between our multiple sources for parts is enough to cover most makes and models of dryers manufactured in the past 10-15 years. Our sources also carry an extensive selection of commercial dryer parts. We do come prepared with numerous typical parts that can sometimes do the trick, depending on your issue, which can speed up the entire process.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Be careful when buying used laundry appliances. It's rare for someone to suddenly upgrade models unless their unit is no more than a few years old. As such, chances are you will be buying 'someone else's problem' unless you get lucky and grab a great deal. The best way to get the most for your money when buying used is to purchase a model that's still covered under warranty. Before you go shopping around on the classifieds market in the area, also consider negotiating with local appliance shops - sometimes you can get a great deal on their floor models.


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