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Do you need a washer repair?

Get help from a trusted Clearwater based appliance repair service company. We're well-established with endless positive reviews and word of mouth recommendations. Both residents and businesses in Clearwater FL know to turn to us for their regular servicing and sudden repair needs.

We offer our help when it's needed. Many of our clients contact us for urgent repair matters, including same-day and next-day fixes. We can do the same for you if your issue is an absolute crisis. Just reach out to figure the earliest time we can get in and take a look at your appliance; many of our repairs only take 1-2 hours from diagnosis to completion, we work quickly!

Your repair job will be treated equally to all of our other clients. You will never be subject to sudden or sporadic fees. We bill you the same way we would bill anyone else. Simply put, we charge for two things and nothing more; you're responsible for our serviceman's labor cost and any necessary parts.

If your repair requires certain washer parts to be replaced, we can go get them from a Clearwater FL based parts supply shop. We will be billing you what we're billed by them when we order for you. Sometimes we don't need to leave your place; our technicians are equipped with many standard washer parts which are compatible with plenty different washing machine models.

We do not bill more than what's reasonable for our services. Our technician will be charging for his time based on the repair required.

Get in touch today. We're eager to help and our reputation in Clearwater speaks for itself. Your repair is only one call away; reach us at (727) 316-9940 to get started.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Be careful when buying a new washer from a big box appliance store. The main problem you might have is one that you probably haven't even imagined being an issue - the model is a special offer for that store and it's simply an altered model number of a different unit. We see this sometimes with stock in appliance shops and at places like Best Buy; during Black Friday sales, these stores may offer liquidation models which are re-released versions of older units. The problem? You're not made aware of common issues and complaints from reviews of the originating model.


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