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Seeking oven repair assistance in Clearwater in a hurry?

Get in contact with us to set up an emergency repair appointment with one of our specialists. We are always willing to help and we recognize the importance of urgency in the most dire situations.

We can help with any situation: Our repair services are always effective, whether your oven door is locked shut after a self-clean cycle during the holidays, an element burns or shorts out or you just notice the performance slacking. Our technicians can quickly and effectively identify the cause of any problem and we have local connections for almost every oven part for all makes and models.

Our service cost is pretty low compared to what others charge. We do not have irrational fees or hidden charges. You pay for the parts and you also pay a fair rate for our technician putting in the labor to complete your repair. We reference the MASNPG guide book to fairly price out all of our repairs. This book serves as a source for industry averages, sort of like a 'blue book' for pricing out repair labor - similar to how auto mechanics work. Some competitors will not go by this standard because it prevents them from overcharging, but we keep it fair!

You can start things off by scheduling in one of our technicians. We will arrive on time, determine why you have issues with your oven and price out a solution. You can give us permission to continue with the repair and only pay the parts and labor costs, or pay for the service call and pass on the repair.

Ready to get started? Call (727) 316-9940 to speak with one of our representatives.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Looking to purchase a pre-owned oven? If so, be cautious as you never know why someone is selling theirs and in many cases it is because of performance issues forcing them to upgrade. You likely won't get to test the appliance before buying. Get a professional repair tech to inspect it for any signs of early wear and tear; something as simple as a wire replacement now could save you hundreds of dollars later. If you do buy used, however, look for a unit that's no more than 2-3 years old ideally.


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