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Have any issues with your freezer?

We provide repairs and maintenance to both locals and businesses in the area. If you need a freezer repair, our highly accomplished team of licensed and insured repairmen can come to your aid.

Our Clearwater repair specialists have plenty experience working on both residential style freezers and commercial freezers. We provide our services to many local restaurants, schools, churches, grocery stores, property managers and more. We can be on-hand for scheduled maintenance or be on-call for immediate repair needs. We offer our speedy repair services to residential clients as well - everyone gets treated equally and billed fairly, consistency is what we're known for!

A primary reason for our top reputation is because we provide great prices on our services. We only expect clients to refund us for their parts and pay for our technician's service. We bill for the effort provided by our technician by pulling values from the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide which exemplifies industry standard rates by repair type.

Interested in getting your appliance looked at? The first part of the process is making arrangements with one of our office reps. You can call us to set that up and we will send one of our repair techs out for the specified date and time. Our technician will give you an estimate for the repair based on what the parts will cost and what the labor fee should be. Those that do not want to get the repair once they receive their estimate can just pay for our diagnostics visit. If you do get the repair we will only charge parts/labor fees.

Ready to get your repair underway? Call (727) 316-9940 to make an appointment.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Be thoughtful when deciding how to arrange your freezer contents. Educate yourself on the best storage practices and some handy tips and tricks. Before you begin, learn what items should not be frozen (even if they can be). Some examples include moist foods like watermelon, cucumbers, etc., as well as yogurt and fried foods. Be practical with your portioning when packaging food or meals to freeze; try to portion everything in single or family size rations. For optimal freezing efficiency, also get into the habit of freezing things flat whenever possible - vacuum-sealed freezer bags will do the trick here.


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