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Is your fridge giving you trouble?

Whether it's leaking, loud or not holding temperature properly, the problem should be inspected and resolved asap. Any appliance problem can easily escalate into something much worse - by fixing the issue now, you could save quite a bit by preventing a larger repair issue in the near-term.

Rest assured, our Clearwater refrigerator repair experts are here to help. We're licensed, insured and highly qualified to tackle any refrigerator issue you might face. We are on-hand for urgent repair needs and won't let you down. Our team can also provide immediate repair assistance for commercial refrigerator troubles. No issue is too large; we can work on advanced refrigeration units, such as walk-in coolers. If your company requires a specialty repair, let us know the specifics and we will tell you what's possible and confirm whether your required parts need to be custom ordered.

What brands do we work on? No manufacturer will be too difficult to tackle. We have connections in Clearwater FL for all sorts of appliance parts, including refrigerator parts for both popular and lesser known brands and models. Our sources also are well-equipped with a variety of commercial refrigerator parts.

Your experience begins by booking us in to diagnose your fridge. From there, we can craft a written estimate for you to review. We leave the decision to you. Move forward with the repair and we won't charge for your service call. Pass on the repair and that's all we will charge; if you do order a repair, your only costs are parts and labor.

Let's get you situated. Call us at (727) 316-9940 to book your refrigerator repair with one of our Clearwater based repair techs today. We're waiting to hear from you!

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Is your fridge in need of repair? You might want to get an idea on what the repair will cost before you contact a professional. The general rule of thumb is to expect to pay for a few hours of labor and the cost of your parts. You can search for an idea of the cost of your replacement part(s) if you know the issue and what part(s) might need to be replaced. From there, add a nominal amount for your labor cost and you have an idea of what the repair will run you in the end.


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